I Got You

Out of the darkness you stepped up into the light of day. You had tried so hard to hide and for so long you lived behind your own shield of protection. The world, so cruel and so intentional, ceased to care about your thoughts or feelings. You were close to invisible but still present enough to be everyone’s doormat. The attention, at first was great. You had friends, acquaintances, and close relationships. You thought you were accepted, valued, even cherished up until, one after another, relationships ended and you were left with nothing but the feeling of loneliness.

So, behind the shield you remained, closed off, sealing your heart shut. How else could you prevent people from taking advantage of the beauty that is you? Subconsciously, you made a deal with yourself that you would never let your heart be vulnerable again. To your surprise, you had for the most part been successful. You managed to maintain relationships without feelings, portraying as if you were deeply connected, but knowing that your mind just would not allow your heart to fall.

So, that day took you by surprise and the tears began to fall. You had not been experiencing life to the fullest because your heart was closed. All this time, you thought it was them. You had not realized that you have to be open in order for God to send something or someone into your life or it just was not worth it.

So, you spent some time debating with God about why you were hiding behind that shield in the first place. The more you talked to God the more He spoke back. He told you that He has great things in store for you but you would never be able to experience them if you remained as you were. “But, I’m afraid,”you heard yourself speak silently as you prayed. In a quiet, still voice, God whispered back, “Do not worry, I got you.”

Step Up

Sometimes the most difficult thing to do is to let go of the one thing that takes a hold of your life and seduces you back into the cocoon of a false sense of protection and security; fear. Here you feel safe and untouchable by the critics, the naysayers, and the dream killers. You do not have to risk mistakes, being embarrassed, and falling short of your goals. Most importantly you will not have to experience failure. Fear has created a hidden place deep within that serves as your palace of contentment, without the worry of others who do not support the growth of this person that is you. Yes, that place of fear, with its arms tightly surrounding you, keeps your life balanced without the constant tipping of the scales. Not too far to the right nor to the left, but resting in the middle of meritocracy and average; a place that for so long, has been your home. In this place, your hopes, dreams, and your very goals are silenced.

Fear appears in force squeezing you tightly as you strain to listen to the quiet, still voice in your spirit that says you want to have more, to do more, to be more. With a power so strong, the loud and constant roar of fear crashes down on your spirit, forcing it to take a back seat. But you begin to betray fear, as you secretly return back to that place of hope. time and time again

So why have you called this place home for so long? Why not stretch yourself to believe in the impossible? Why do you continue to entertain the voice of fear when you cannot see past the next 24 hours in your life? How does fear get to control everything that you are and everything that you are to be? Break the cycle, do not allow fear to bind you and confine you to that small box that others have squeezed you into since your childhood. You no longer fit there and you must embrace all that God has for you to do. Break the cycle of fear in your life. Silence the words in your spirit that are the source of negativity. Call everything into existence that you have heard in your spirit.

Shut the door on failure, turn a blind eye to anxiousness and open your spirit to that which is YOU. Step up and step out into the world! Move forward with what you have been given. Use it to the best of your abilities. Be excellent in it for you have been chosen for a specific purpose, now step up and make your mark! Someone, somewhere is waiting on your gift to come forth.

© Kimberly Seymore                                                                                                                                         May, 2016


Anger destroys the very core of who you are. There is a Word that says you do not do what you want to do and you do what you do not want to do (Romans 7:15). Deep inside, you never had the desire to hurt anyone. But day after day, time after time, your emotions take control, leaving you……imprisoned by the very emotion that you tried to suppress.

You know your triggers and have spent a great amount of time trying to understand why your emotions fail you each time. You have developed a strategy that reminds you to breathe, count, and release. Nevertheless, the sparks begin to fly and the words come without warning causing those around you….pain in their hearts and broken spirits that may never be healed.

Your love is strong but your heart is heavy, consumed with your own past hurt and pain. Regardless of what blessings you now have, escaping such feelings has proven to be impossible. You see those around you as your enemy, fighting to keep you bound by your past. You fail to allow yourself to fully experience hope or love so instead you….. bury any thoughts of hope and replace them with something close to hate.

Such strong negative emotions cannot lift one person up in your life, including you. It is a matter of changing not only how you think but what you think. At some point, you must realize that the real presence of the enemy lies in how you choose to live and not the actions of those around you. Understand that you are responsible for your own happiness. Deep down within there must be healing from your own hurt and pain to keep from further damaging those you love and that love you.

Embracing the wonderful being that you are and understanding the purpose for your life will cause you to choose a different course. For neither you nor I were put here to harm anyone but instead to lift up those around us and harness the power of the greatness placed inside of us. Understanding that power and using it for the good will foster hope and inspire change in your life.


©Kimberly Seymore                                                                                                                               March 2016

Today, You Choose….

For today, do not allow anyone to take away your joy or destroy your peace. Instead, choose to be the ray of light in your own world and a glimmer of hope in that challenging circumstance.

For today, do not allow yourself to be discouraged. Instead, choose to take charge of that which you have been given. Use your talents and gifts to inspire and build up those around you.

For today, do not gossip about your displeasure and critique of others. Instead, choose to be a model of excellence, walking integrity and dignity in everything that you do.

For today, do not give up on your dreams. Instead, choose to march to your own beat and paint your own picture of what love. peace and joy look like in your own life.

For today, do not fear the unknown. Instead, believe and have faith that the perfect will for your life will be made known to you and that you will carry it out to the highest degree.

For today, do not continue in the same pattern of destruction that has defined your life. Instead, choose a new path with a new attitude and a new outlook on the promises of God that were made long ago.

For today, do not worry that you are not good enough, pretty enough, or talented enough. Instead, choose to exemplify the beauty that is you; inside and out.

For today, if you choose to be all that you were called to be. Tomorrow will take care of its self.

©Kimberly L. Seymore                                                                                                                                     March 2016







When Dreams Come To Be

It has been your dream to explore the world to no ends without reservation or regret. But still you sit waiting for the right circumstances, the most optimum time to come.

You said you wanted to take a mission trip to be of service to mankind. But funds are low, bills are high and that dream you once had is gone. Now  a distant memory,  tucked away behind your reality.

You made an agreement with yourself to give to a cause. It has always been your passion to come to the aid others to give time, money, and resources to save a life from sorrow. But your time is rarely your own and you can barely manage much less take time out to support s cause.

Together you and your close friends agreed to hold each other accountable for using your gifts to impact the world around you. But you have allowed people and things to get in the way and you have forgotten about your dreams.

Today certainly is full of challenges and tomorrow  may very well never come. But what is in your heart has been placed there and in your spirit lies the strength and courage to not only live life but to move forward in the moments when dreams come to be.



What better way…

If you could go through it all without carrying the weight all on your shoulders, you would be a superhero of some sort. But as the hours pass and the days go by, it becomes apparent that your super powers may only function in the realm of what you orchestrate in your own life. If you are a hermit or live on your own deserted island, marching to the beat of your own drum, you may have just enough power to move freely about  your days.  But how many of us exist without people, things and circumstances that seek to consume who we are?

What I have found to be refreshing, free, and exhilarating  is to get away.

“Take a vacation. Go as many places as you can. You can always make more money. You can’t always make more memories.”  ~Unknown






You’ve spent most of your life trying to please others. You found out that you can’t please everybody.

You take into consideration the thoughts and feelings of others. You recognized that yours went unnoticed.

You give more than you take and sometimes it’s all you have. You witnessed how much others take from you and how little they give.


What if you spent time following the path of peace and doing the things in life that bring you joy?

What about if you didn’t depend on others to bring you joy but, instead you nurtured your own spirit?

What if you make yourself a priority doing the things in life you love with all of your heart, mind and soul?

You would be free.

The Only One You Are Fighting Against is You.

Have you ever blamed someone for your lack of progress. Could it be possible that you put so much time and energy into trying to change the way people treat you, that you fail to see how you may be blocking your own blessings?

Sometimes we look at are circumstances, where we are, and the people who are in our circle and blame these vary aspects of our lives as the reason we are in such a low place. We point the finger at what he said, how she behaved and the impact those things have our existence. Once we identify these barriers to our fruitful living, we turn our focused attention toward these people and situations. Having found the source of our dissatisfaction with life, we settle into a pattern of being content in unhappiness.

The moment must come for you to begin to realize that it is not people and things that block our paths, it is we, ourselves. Yes, the fight is not against your inner circle or even your situation, it is you. You are the one who decides whether or not to allow nonsense into your life. You are the one who sets the priorities in your life. You are the one who knows who you were created to be and if you are living the life you are supposed to be  Its all you!

But….the problem is that you have failed to realize that just as you can be your own teammate, you can also be the toughest opponent you have ever had. Why…because you, in relationship with God, have the whole world at your disposal, but instead of walking in faith, you abandon the process; instead of walking in your purpose, you become paralyzed; instead of being true to yourself, you compromise.

Yes, you are who you are fighting against. Everyone else is just playing along.

Be Excellent In Everything and Expect It All Around You

We often wonder why our lives fall short of reflecting where we feel we should be at this very moment. We seek change and often assume the responsibility of fixing ourselves. Which, of course, is a very essential pathway to the greatness you aspire to bring into your life.But what happens when you work on changing yourself and the people, things, and circumstances around you are less than excellent? It may take some time to realize that if you try to be excellent in an environment that is less than the latter, you may find yourself frustrated and less than satisfied.

There must be an expectation that is communicated through your walk, your talk and everything else about you that says you live up to a certain standard and some things will just not be tolerated! Whether it be our personal relationships, our friendships, our jobs or other areas in our lives, the excellent factor begins in you, and must be communicated by you in every aspect of your life. The standard says “I am who God says I am.” “I am a conqueror.” I was made in His image.” When you find that you fall short of this confidence, remember that when you are weak, “God takes over”

So with this in your spirit you are armed with a walk and talk that says, “I am excellent and if you want to be around me, you must be excellent too!” Expect this when you wake up in the morning and start your day. Prepare your heart, mind, and spirit to take on the day knowing that every conflict has already been mediated. Expect this as you enter the workplace knowing that struggle has been made easy. Expect this in your home knowing that every battle has already been won.

You must make your life what you want it to be. Seek out excellence. If everything around you is not excellent, neither will you be. Instead you may spend your time wondering why not you. You may feel that you are undeserving of such a life. You may begin to accept less, put up with more and end up denying what is rightfully yours. God owns it all and is waiting for you to actualize your potential and realize that you must stop at nothing to experience true excellence in your life.

You want a new job? Go after it! Fill out the application, exercise your faith and believe to the highest knowing that with God all things are possible. Are you living in a dead relationship? Bring it back to life. Open your spirit and allow God to bring about the beautiful relationship that He has intended for you. Have you been bothered by conflicts in your life? Believe in the power of God to move in those situations for you.

There is no more time for excuses. The time is now and the stakes are high. Know that your life is not just about you.You are here to serve a purpose. Being excellent is about the God in you. Being excellent will not only change your life, but those around you. Someone is waiting for you to heal for they will need your help to survive a crises. A job is waiting on you to apply for they are in need of your skills to change the world. A young person is waiting on you to grow for they will need your example to follow.

You will not live up to your potential by focusing on why your life is not where you want it to be, but by allowing the greatness that God has placed in you to impact the world around you. Be excellent in everything and expect it all around you.

What does excellence look like in your life?


A walk through a day can be as exhausting as a daily workout routine. Not because of the physical activity or limitations, but as a direct result of life’s circumstances that weigh you down. The ongoing challenges that you must face and the impending disappointments that pass your way, entangle you in a bout of foolishness that you would rather avoid. One thing after another, tugging and pulling at you leaves you exasperated, frustrated, and


You have used every ounce of strength that you have inside of you just to get through each day. The hope you once had that the cycle would end, just preceded yet another whirlwind of events seemingly spiraling out of control. The struggle becomes more than you can imagine. Medication, mantras, and affirmations became a necessity. Searching the Internet on how to deal with your circumstance, visiting the self help isle of the bookstore, and seeking support from your best friend become your routine. The moment you rise up and find the courage to smile, the ball comes crashing down and once again, you find yourself


You have to get your drive back. The drive to simply exist must be your first priority, then the healing can begin. Rise up against your own insecurities and judgments about yourself. Resist the urge to give in to the circumstances that threaten your survival. Wake up and call on the One who created you and meditate on His Word and purpose for your life. Take a deep breath and breathe in the peacefulness that comes with knowing you will be okay and that this too, as they say, will pass.