You would think that if you were broken you would know it. You would recognize that you are operating at less than your best and that you are not as you used to be. You could simply determine that something is not quite right and that you have allowed your mind, emotions, and spirit to take a nose dive. With all of these realities, certainly, you would know, right?

The thing about being broken is that you can operate in your everyday life, take care of all of your responsibilities and keep your priorities in check and still be broken.

Brokenness is a state. You can go in and out depending on the situation. All too often, when we are broken, we become used to the emotions and the mindset that is associated with this state that it become normal; so normal that we fail to realize that we are not only broken, but we are standing in our own way of recovery and healing.

As we begin to find the reason for our brokenness, it would seem obvious that it is those things and people around us that have brought such a dark shadow over our lives. The hurt becomes so great and the pain so deep that there has to be an outside force that are at the controls of our deep agony rather than something deep within.

Yes! That tangible thing or person has to be the culprit. Beside, we would not in our right minds inflict this grueling pain on ourselves, would we?

Your brokenness grips you and holds on tight at the most inopportune moments of your life. Yes you can work, yes you can function, yes you can pretend like everything is ok. But deep down within you are not ok.

When you might ask will it get better.

The tides will turn when you come back to the foundation of your relationship with God. You must connect with Him to even get an idea of what this is all about. You have to sacrifice so that you can be more in tune with what He wants to say to you in the midst of your struggle.

You must be open to allow His Spirit to penetrate your soul. This is when the process of healing begins. Regardless of who or what you think may have contributed to the pain that you are feeling, it is you who decides how you will respond. Your pain, your hurt, your brokenness is deeply rooted in how you have chosen to respond to life’s challenges. It is about how you are wired and how you allow life situations to affect you.

You must be prayed up and armed for every fight. Take no fight lightly. When you are not prepared, you walk in blindly and fight without the proper tools. The scripture tells us that in this life we will have troubles (John 16:33), but we don’t have to fight them alone.

The only person that we can change is ourselves and there are many things that go on in our lives that we can not control. But we simply can’t win any fight with the right tools.

It is so important to note that many people go through their everyday lives not even realizing they are in a fight. We go about our daily lives as if everything is the same every day. We treat every person the same and do everything the same. We fail to realize that yesterday was not the same kind of fight that you are in today . Last Tuesday required you to pray a little harder than the Tuesday before, but today has brought in so much turmoil that you must get on the prayer line, fast and stay in your knees praying,

You can’t get complacent in your walk with Christ. He is the only one who can heal your brokenness. The issue is not with the people and things around you. The issue is within you. You must be healed so that you are better able to fight. That true, real healing only comes from God. So when you finally get to the point and you know that you are broken, find your way back to Christ, that is where your healing lies.

©️March 2018 Kim Seymore


Set the Tone

What makes life such a challenge is that we are not always on target with our goals. Sometimes we move through our days thinking we are working our plan but fail to realize we have fallen short of what we said we were going to do. While we spend our time setting goals and outlining our plan, frustrations run high when we see that we are still in the same place we were before.

How does this happen?

Each day is a new day and regardless of what plan you have put in place, if you do wake up every morning and fail to get things in order in your mind and spirit you may find that you will struggle.

Setting your intentions for each day is essential if you plan to succeed. Each new day brings ups and downs that will threaten your very existence in the environment that you live in. At any given moment you can face a trial, a conflict, or some other unfortunate situation.

Having set your intention for your day helps you to stay focused in spite of what comes your way. What do you want to accomplish in any given day? What tasks do you need to complete? How will you show up in the world?

Basically, you will decide how you will show up in your world each day.

If you do this, when people and things come your way and threaten your peace, you will be prepared because you will have already decided what your day will be like. Once you declare how your day will go, you can choose how to respond to whatever unfolds around you.

So going forward, without hesitation, set the tone for your day and watch your goals get accomplished and the seeds of your dreams take root as you continue to aspire to live the life of your dreams.

©️March 2018 Inspired Serenity by Kim Seymore


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