International Day of the Girl 2017

As women, sometimes we underestimate who we are , what we can do and why we are here. We wonder if we are strong enough, smart enough and if we are a worthy participant in this world of challenging times.

We question our skills, our abilities, and our accomplishments as we think more deeply about our troubles than about our place in the world. Through our uncertainties, our failure to believe, and the inconsistencies in our lives, we limit the possibilities.

On this International Day of the Girl 2017, first know how awesome you truly are , regardless of what your circumstances may say. Second, may you know that in your life, whether in your household, your job, or even the grocery store, there is a girl watching you. It is my hope that you would know how important you are to that girl.

Today, I challenge you to walk with your head up, shoulders back and look every person that you speak to in the eye as you model the woman of excellence that you are. Refuse to allow the woes of your day to interfere with the light that you are in the world. Remember she is watching you.

Today set an example of hope and promise in the life of a girl. Let her see the compassion, knowledge, and strength of a woman. Through you let her see that she can accomplish anything if she works hard enough.

You may be the only example that she see. You may be the only example that she looks for. You may be the only chance that she has at becoming even a shadow of an excellent woman one day .

Today, for every girl in your life, let her know how beautiful, special, and gifted she is . Tell her she is worthy and significant in spite of a bad day. Help her to see hope for her future. You may never know but because of you she just may decide to live her dreams.

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