Never Give In

Frustration, hurt and pain plague our very existence and we find ourselves wondering why, how. and what next. All of this comes at the most inopportune moments when we have used up every bit of energy that we have left.

Our life at a standstill, our hope deflating and our resolve at an all time low; we worry that we will not be able to keep up and that our will to take one more step will fade away.

These are the enemies of our soul; the very thorn in our side that promises to stay with us making us seemingly powerless to fight.

But it is in this very moment that you must get in there and fight!

As you press forward you must resist the urge to give in to defeat. No matter how worn out you think you are, with the start of every new day, you must know that the battle is not over and the war is not won.

Get back on track to living each day with great anticipation of that which you first had faith for.

….and whatever you do, don’t give in.

©2017 Kim Seymore

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