Get Focused and Change Your Life

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As a women with many roles and responsibilities, we find that our focus is everywhere and sometimes nowhere all at the same time. The following 6 areas are prominent areas in our lives in today’s society. But how do we balance it all? It is common to put more effort into one, two, or even three areas and neglect the others. Sometimes, we go all in and presumably fail miserably. It takes focus to work towards evenly distributing our time and energy as in all areas. Balance has proven to be a struggle for even the less obligated individual. Take a look at the areas below:

Family & Relationships


Health & Wellness


Leisure Time

Personal Growth

To begin your personal growth, you must know where you are in each of these areas. If you are continuing on your journey of personal growth, it is always good to re-evaluate where you are and determine your roadblocks to successful functioning in these areas.

Now for the work…

Rate your level of functioning on a scale of 0 to 10 with 0 being very dissatisfied and 10 being very satisfied, 


Decide on one specific area that you would like to focus on. There the process begins!

@ 2017 Kim Seymore

Moving Past Limitations…My Story

I used to write when I was a teenager. It was how I learned to maneuver my way through the twist and turns of  adolescence as well as an outlet from academics, peer pressures, failures, self defeat and other childhood and young adult issues.

It was my refuge, my safe place to express my thoughts and emotions about any and every thing that I faced. It was the light that brightened up a dark day and the joy that took the place of the sorrow from disappointment. It was the smile after a successful moment and the promise of  peace before ending an event filled day.

After many years of writing, I didn’t really grasp the possibilities until I become a college student. It was in those moments rhat a creative writing class became more than just a requirement for graduation but a training ground for me to hone in on my gifts, enhance my skills, and embrace the freedom of expression that was there for me to partake in.

Many years passed as I read the work of other authors while at the same time writing plays, fiction stories, short stories. and poems all inspiring and awakening the natural gifts within me. Filling up the memory of floppy disc drives, desktop computers. laptop computers, jump drives, and external hard drives, I stored it all away. I was oblivious to the possibilities. Regardless of the talent that I had been blessed with, I chose to keep it hidden, thinking it was really something to keep to myself for myself.

It was not until someone very dear to me said “You have so many poems. Why don’t you put them in a book?” My excuses meant nothing as I was then told, “I want to see you write a book.” I could not let her down but I had to get to a moment in my life when I could decide to let go of all of the anxieties about putting myself out there and just do it .

Little did I know that making such a decision would change the course of my life, allowing me the opportunity to live the life that I have always desired. Empowering people through my work and my gifts touches a part of my spirit that I had kept hidden for so long.

“In Pursuit of Purpose, Empowering Women to Live Beyond Their Limitations” is just that, an example of how I moved past my limitations. using my gifts to pursue my purpose.

I had come to realize that instead of sharing my gift with the world, I had chosen to keep it hidden. Fear of failure, ridicule, and lack of acceptance were subconscious emotions that took root. Writing this book gave me permission to be free; free to think, feel, act, believe, dream and to be exactly who I am. I now realize how I was limiting myself. In just a short period of time my willingness to use my gifts has broadened by perspective and placed me on a higher playing field than I had thought possible.

If you have a gift, use it. Figure out a way to walk in it every day. Someone is waiting on you. There is something that will not get accomplished if you don’t get involved. It is amazing who or what you can impact through your gifts. When you operate in your gifts, not only will you get confirmation but you will experience a new level of blessings in your own life.

Don’t worry about judgment, fear, or failure. There will always be naysayers, but what do you say? What does your spirit say? What do you hear when you get up from your knees after praying? What do your feel about your life purpose in those quiet moments of reflection? Don’t waste any more time. Get to the business of doing what you are supposed to do and do it with all that is within you. That is the recipe for success!

©2017 Kim Seymore

Shielding the Spirit From Disappointment 

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On a rare occasion, optimism has won over your usual pessimistic outlook. Your spirits are high and for once you feel like you are worth something; as soon as this one thing works out.

You have done the research, put in the leg work, and put just about all of your eggs in one basket. You heard the promise; or so you thought. Needless to say you began making plans in your mind, almost to the point of obsessing, about the inevitable good news.

Then, the all too familiar disappointment followed by a drop in your spirit.

This one outcome has caused you to feel, in some way inferior, latching on to the thoughts that if you WERE this way or that way, or if you had SAID this or that, or even if you HAD this or that, the outcome would be different.

In those moments, we fail to realize that it was not supposed to work according to our plan. Yes, we understand that there is a high power working in our favor and we believe that there is a certain course that our life must take. But in moments of disappointment, where do we really stand?

Because it is our spirit that has the capacity to be vibrant and free, we must seek to protect it from the woes of disappointment. It is the hope of our spirit that sheds light in dark places. It is our spirit that can help heal a broken heart, mend relationships, and provide the spiritual capital to accomplish our life goals. Without the beauty that is the spirit, we often find ourselves alone, in desolate places.

We must understand the value of the spirit in our lives; so much so that we will not allow it to be damaged by the disappointments in our lives.

It is our spirit that picks us back up and says try again

It is our spirit that says we can win at any cost

It is our spirit that keeps us strong even when we are weak

It is our spirit that remind us  of who we are and what we are here to do

It is our spirit that reflects our true worth back to us even when we feel less than adequate

When disappointments arise in our lives, if we continue to nurture the spirit we will find that not only are we worthy of greatness but that we can withstand the trials that come on the way to our triumph.

©2017 Kim Seymore                                         

When Your Worst Enemy Is You

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Looking at the world around you, it’s easy to get discouraged when things fail to work out the way that you have planned. When you are still in the same place after years of hoping,

wishing, and praying for a break through, one can feel defeated. When you get to this point, it’s time to take a closer look at yourself.

The odds may be against you ever getting a promotions, owning your own business, going back to school, buying a house or a new car. It may seem impossible that you would ever find the perfect mate for you and start a family. It may look like the money will never be right for you to take that vacation you have always wanted to take. Whatever the desire, some things  will only come to pass as you look inward. Continue reading “When Your Worst Enemy Is You”

When Things Come Together

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The vision of your dreams often comes years before they even show up in your life. The promise of a new business, a lavish home, an exotic vacation or the perfect mate can waver in your spirit over a period of years. In fact, it is very easy to dismiss, disregard, or even forget about the dreams that show up when your life appears to be most powerless to support them.
During these times, it does not mean that your dreams are not real or that we are living in a fantasy world. Looking at things from this perspective will cause you to waver in your talents, gifts, skills, and the power of God in your life. The dream must live on even when it seems unlikely or quite impossible that it would come true.

Continue reading “When Things Come Together”

7 Practical Steps to Change Your Life

CHange Your Life

If you have ever struggled with seasons in your life where things don’t turn out exactly the way you had planned, then its a possibility that you have blamed someone else for your troubles. Its time to take charge and get on the right track now.

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