Women Celebrities Talk Work-Life Balance and Living Their Dream

                                                    Shonda Rhimes (Redbookmag)

When referring to work-life balance, Shonda Rhimes (producer, screenwriter and author) shares on Redbookmag that you can never do everything perfectly and that you never really achieve balance. She also shares that as women managing work and family, it is important to go after the things that you want in life. This, she believes, has a positive impact on the lives of her children because they see their mother doing what she enjoys. She shares that this creates a happy home because she is not feeling resentful for sacrificing what she wants to do.

Women get consumed with trying to successfully balance work and family. So much so that when it gets tough, the things that are eliminated first are our own hopes and dreams.

img_2466                                                                                                     Tia Mowry (Vibe Magazine)

Tia Mowry, actress and entrepreneur shares in  Vibe Magazine that work-life balance is about prioritizing and making  sure that’s there is time for self. While family comes first, she shares that the more you care for yourself, the better you will be for your family. We must not feel guilty about tending to our own needs and wishes.

Some form of work-life balance can help you stay focused and keep things in perspective. But it can be challenging to manage it all.

Below are some tips to help you in this process:

1. Prioritize and structure your day according to a schedule developed the day before

2. Create time and space to relax. Spend time away from the computer/phone/internet

3. Develop an exercise routine that you will participate in several times throughout the week

4. Meditate to create an atmosphere of calm and peace

5. Eliminate activities that serve no real purpose in your life

6. Set much needed boundaries. Learn to say “No”

7. Evaluate your personal habits and activities

Achieving work-life balance is all about prioritizing and managing your time with what’s important in your life.

Click the link below for more tips on how to manage your time

Time Management Basics


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