8 Stress Relieving Tips

Feeling stressed? Are you wondering about  how you can relieve stress and still operate in your busy life? If not managed properly, stress can lead to serious medical conditions later in life. If you cannot readily remove stressors in your life due to various circumstances, gaining knowledge on how to decrease stress will do wonders for you right now. Try the following tips to live a less stressful life:

1. Get more rest, especially when you are feeling overwhelmed

2. Participate in community serving  activites that are closest to your life goals

3. Take a nice quiet walk around a park, along the beach or in your neighborhood

4. Ask someone for assistance when you feel you have taken on more than you can handle on your own

5.  Participate in an activity that you enjoy and that brings a sense of calmness to your day

6. Take a deep breath and count until you begin to feel your mood calming

7. Create a daily schedule and aim to stay on target with your tasks for the day according to your schedule

8. Prioritize your tasks on your to do list and do what’s important and urgent first

© Kim Seymore May 2017.                                            kimseymore.com

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