10 Tips for Raising Children With a Purpose

What looks like success to you often falls short of holding the same value to your children. Depending on the age of your child, his/her picture of success may range anywhere from being accepted by a particular group to becoming a professional athlete, actor, or singer. Although talented at best, they may lack the true grit it takes to succeed in the limelight.

Other children are consumed merely with graduating from high school or getting through college. But in some cases our children actually share our hopes for them and strive to become doctors, lawyers, educational professionals or even a superstar. Regardless, it is a challenge to raise children with a purpose.

There are a few things to consider when deciding how you will steer your children as they grow.

Build their confidence  Make sure that you take every opportunity to encourage your children to achieve their best. Let them know how valuable they are and that there is room for their talents and skills in this world.

Expand their horizons  Give your children the opportunity to gain different experiences. Whenever possible choose family vacations that will provide opportunities to learn about history and culture.

Involve them in the community  Get them involved in programs and organizations. Participate in community service activities as a family. Consider regular volunteer activities throughout the year to enrage your children in the area of service

Allow them the freedom to explore Your children are not you and chances are they will like different things. They will have different interests and will not see things your way. As you guide them, allow them to explore  different careers and professions and avenues to use their gifts.

Set the example you want to see We really are the example that our children will follow; good or bad. Take care in everything you say and do around your children. Remember, even the things that they cannot see will show up at some point.

Encourage them to use their gifts  Your children are unique. It is important for you to remind them of their talents and gifts. Guide them on how they can use their skills towards great things

Engage in purposeful conversations about future aspirations Make time to talk to your children about the ups and downs of life and what life is all about. Share experiences of struggle and triumph where appropriate. Discuss what it will take to be successful.

Keep them focused While allowing your children to explore life options and express who they are, keep them focused on the path to success. Reel them in when their thinking goes too far or has lost its perspective.

Allow them to dream Create a home environment in which your children can freely express their hopes and dreams without ridicule or criticism. Support them in ways that will help them to know those things that can be achieved and how it can be done.

Teach them critical thinking  Help your children to understand problem solving, decision making and the process of critical thinking. Ensure that they are aware of how to think through a decision and to choose the one that beat serves their life course.

Raising children with a purpose, although difficult, can be done. It is a challenge by far but well worth it. Children with purpose are more focused on where they are going and what they want to do. They take advantage of opportunities that others will leave on the table.

If you encourage your children to live with purpose, they will develop a healthier self esteem and posses a greater chance of achieving their goals. If you as a parent are not putposeful in your own life, your children may not understand the importance of shaping their lives in such a way that welcomes succes. Give your children a new hope for what is to come and all of the possibilities that lie ahead.

© Kim Seymore 2017