Water Your Own Dream

It’s not enough to wake up each morning, go to a job that you don’t like, stay in relationship that are not fulfilling, and spend every spare moment doing favors for everyone else. You experience less joy when you spend the majority of your time watering the dreams of those in which you invest all of your time; while leaving yourself empty.

It’s ok to contribute your talents and gifts, for they were meant to be shared. It’s a valuable experience when you can devote time and energy to collaborate, interact, and share the great skills that you possess in your current situation. But often, it’s simply not enough because your heart yearns for more.

Is it a better relationship? Do you desire to go back to school? Do you need to make more money? Do you want to start your own business? Is it a new house you want? What about a new car or a wardrobe makeover? Do you want to help those less fortunate?

It’s not that you don’t want to be apart of the great things that are happening for others, it’s just that you have goals, dreams, and aspiration outside of your regular routine that speak to your spirit often. It’s time to further explore what that is supposed to look like in your life.

Water your own dreams and watch them grow. Nurture them with as you commit to doing what you love. Who said that you can’t do what brings you joy? It just takes time, effort, and a lot of tenacity to weather the storms. But if you hang in there and stay focused, taking action steps daily, you will see your own dream come into reality.

Kim Seymore 2017