Healthy Habits

You only have one life and healthy habits are the key to a longer and happier one. Its time to stop and reflect on what habits that you operate in on a daily basis that may be a hinderance to the kind of life that you want to live. Whether its your eating, exercise routine, or other habits that contradict who you are becoming, its time to make a change. If you look closely at your life, there is evidence all around you that you are needed, loved, and treasured. Start taking steps today to take better care of yourself.

Your Homes is Your Refuge

Because your home is the place that you come to at the end of the day, it should be a place that you would rather be than any place else after a busy, stressful day. Ask yourself a few questions:

How well does your home provide you with the peace, calmness, and quiet refuge from a busy day?

Which room in your home inspire you?

What colors have you used to relax you?

What rooms would you like to remodel/redecorate?

What is your home missing?

If you could rehab your home where would you start?

Which room is your favorite and why?

What space do you use just for yourself?

What DIY project have you been putting off?

When are you going to start making your home your place of refuge?

Places That Inspire

Be inspired to tap into your inward place of freedom. Channel your energy towards places that are calm and relaxing bringing you closer to the creator. It is in these spaces that you will feel motivated to live, breath, and love in places that enlighten, encourage and engage you. In these spaces, you will find your creative sense of who and where you are as you move towards where you want to be