The Realities of Life


You cannot make everyone happy

There will always be struggles

People will treat you according to how you treat yourself

Respect is not a given

Sometimes you will try harder, love deeper, care more, and still things will not work out

The pain may be greater for longer than you imagined

If there is not a plan in place, you will be delayed in getting to where you are going

Disappointments are a natural part of life

People who react with their emotions are often seen as out of control

Disappointment, frustration and anger lead to resentment which leads to actions that cause a relationship to fail
It takes two to make things work

Your destiny has already been set

You have a purpose here in this world

True happiness is available to you based on the decisions that you make in your life

Fear is synonymous with paralysis

Changing your habits can change your life

Small steps in the right direction is better than no steps at all

Positivity is a state of mind. Change your thinking

When you resist the urge to be anxious a calming spirit will take its place

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