What Does Your Image Say About You?

How many times have your wondered to yourself, “Why do people treat me so badly”? Have you ever wondered why someone who has a similar lifestyle, background, career, and present circumstances receives better treatment than you? Does your best friend’s husband really treat her like a queen? Does your boss really favor others over you? How often do people talk over you when you have something to say?

As you allow these thought to consume your mind, have you ever wondered what your image says about you? You must come to the realization that how you present yourself to the world determines how people will treat you. You will teach people how they should treat you by the way that you carry yourself.

What does your image consist of? Well its important to know that what you wear, how you present yourself to others, and the  judgements that you carry about yourself all play a part in your image. Your image lets people around you know what you think about yourself and how confident you are. Your appearance including your wardrobe, hair style and even your accessories should reflect how your feel about yourself. Your confidence should be evident as you enter a room regardless of who is there. You must dig deep and begin the process of loving who you are. Soon, this will be reflected in your every day walk.

How people see you and how they treat you starts and ends with you. The way you carry yourself lets other people know your standards. Its time to let people know that you mean business.

Revamp your wardrobe; donate old clothing items, update your outfights, change your color schemes. Add accessories that make your appearance stand out. Start to love yourself from the inside out. Identify the greatness within you that you were given by your creator.  Treat yourself with the love and attention that you deserve and start demanding respect simply through your presence.

Allow positivity and optimism into your world so that these things can take place. Remember, it’s up to you. When you improve your image, you change your life.


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