Merry Go ‘Round

You thought it was over but the cycle continues. You thought your strength would be the force to keep you focused, grounded in the life you wanted ro live. You had hoped that the things you tried ; going back to school, reading all of those books, going to church more and the like would change your situation. And it did….for a while. But then, it happened again and you found yourself back on that same ride.

The events in your life that you thought you were beyond resurface. That bad relationship hunts you. You don’t have enough money to pay that bill. Your children are out of order. Your job is more demanding than you can handle. You can’t seem to get along with the important people in your life.

Up and down ’round and around, you find yourself under the spell of hurt. disappointment, frustration, and anger. So many emotions fighting each other to be on top. You get caught up. The way out seems narrow and out of your reach. What do you do?

Pray to your Father in Heaven for strength, wisdom, and the courage to make moves in the right direction..

Empower yourself and get back to the things you did to release yourself from the grasp of the enemy in times passed.

Release those people and things in your life from the power to control you.

Get back to doing you.If you have not yet figured out who that is, let that be your first order of business.

Fight like never before for the things you desire, the goals you set, and the life of your dreams

The merry go ’round of life does not end. There will always be struggles, pains, pressures, disappointments, and every other  negative force that you can name. Just remember. If you find yourself back on the  ride, regroup, refocus, and change the direction of your life. You only have one. Live it to the fullest with a representation of your highest self self in daily pursuit of excellence.

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