Capitalize on It!

As life takes us through many twists and turns, we find ourselves struggling to keep up. Sometimes it seems as if there are more bad days than good. On those bad days, we cannot even pinpoint the struggle, only that our spirits are low. On those days, the sun is shining, there are no heightened situations that need your immediate attention, and essentially, all is well.

But on those bad days, we begin to drift into self defeating thoughts about where we are in our lives and where we want to be. We think about mistakes we’ve made and whether  or not we are living out those consequences. We ponder about whether or not we will achieve the dreams that we have perceived to be ous. Our emotions are unsettled, our spirits hang low, and without warming, we subconsciously withdraw from our life’s work. Unfortunately, those days come far too many times leaving our goals and dreams on the backburner for as long as the mood lasts.

But then, out of nowhere, with no warning, and for no apparent reason, you just feel good. It can be a bright sunny day or impending thunder storms in the forecast. None of that matters, only that your day seems bright, you feel you can do anything, your spirits are high and your soul feels free. So what do you do on those days?

Capitalize on it! Pull out all the stops. Work your tail off. Pull all of those things off the back burner, prioritize your day and take advantage of the spirit in you that says go forth! On the days when you feel your best, be excellent and intentional in all that your do. Do not miss out on any opportunity that you have to  do your life’s work. Take advantage of the feel good day you are having. You don’t know how long it will last or when your next gloomy day will come. Commit your  energy to accomplishing your goals. Do not waste the best day of your life. Get something done in your favor!

I Got You

Out of the darkness you stepped up into the light of day. You had tried so hard to hide and for so long you lived behind your own shield of protection. The world, so cruel and so intentional, ceased to care about your thoughts or feelings. You were close to invisible but still present enough to be everyone’s doormat. The attention, at first was great. You had friends, acquaintances, and close relationships. You thought you were accepted, valued, even cherished up until, one after another, relationships ended and you were left with nothing but the feeling of loneliness.

So, behind the shield you remained, closed off, sealing your heart shut. How else could you prevent people from taking advantage of the beauty that is you? Subconsciously, you made a deal with yourself that you would never let your heart be vulnerable again. To your surprise, you had for the most part been successful. You managed to maintain relationships without feelings, portraying as if you were deeply connected, but knowing that your mind just would not allow your heart to fall.

So, that day took you by surprise and the tears began to fall. You had not been experiencing life to the fullest because your heart was closed. All this time, you thought it was them. You had not realized that you have to be open in order for God to send something or someone into your life or it just was not worth it.

So, you spent some time debating with God about why you were hiding behind that shield in the first place. The more you talked to God the more He spoke back. He told you that He has great things in store for you but you would never be able to experience them if you remained as you were. “But, I’m afraid,”you heard yourself speak silently as you prayed. In a quiet, still voice, God whispered back, “Do not worry, I got you.”

Step Up

Sometimes the most difficult thing to do is to let go of the one thing that takes a hold of your life and seduces you back into the cocoon of a false sense of protection and security; fear. Here you feel safe and untouchable by the critics, the naysayers, and the dream killers. You do not have to risk mistakes, being embarrassed, and falling short of your goals. Most importantly you will not have to experience failure. Fear has created a hidden place deep within that serves as your palace of contentment, without the worry of others who do not support the growth of this person that is you. Yes, that place of fear, with its arms tightly surrounding you, keeps your life balanced without the constant tipping of the scales. Not too far to the right nor to the left, but resting in the middle of meritocracy and average; a place that for so long, has been your home. In this place, your hopes, dreams, and your very goals are silenced.

Fear appears in force squeezing you tightly as you strain to listen to the quiet, still voice in your spirit that says you want to have more, to do more, to be more. With a power so strong, the loud and constant roar of fear crashes down on your spirit, forcing it to take a back seat. But you begin to betray fear, as you secretly return back to that place of hope. time and time again

So why have you called this place home for so long? Why not stretch yourself to believe in the impossible? Why do you continue to entertain the voice of fear when you cannot see past the next 24 hours in your life? How does fear get to control everything that you are and everything that you are to be? Break the cycle, do not allow fear to bind you and confine you to that small box that others have squeezed you into since your childhood. You no longer fit there and you must embrace all that God has for you to do. Break the cycle of fear in your life. Silence the words in your spirit that are the source of negativity. Call everything into existence that you have heard in your spirit.

Shut the door on failure, turn a blind eye to anxiousness and open your spirit to that which is YOU. Step up and step out into the world! Move forward with what you have been given. Use it to the best of your abilities. Be excellent in it for you have been chosen for a specific purpose, now step up and make your mark! Someone, somewhere is waiting on your gift to come forth.

© Kimberly Seymore                                                                                                                                         May, 2016