Today, You Choose….

For today, do not allow anyone to take away your joy or destroy your peace. Instead, choose to be the ray of light in your own world and a glimmer of hope in that challenging circumstance.

For today, do not allow yourself to be discouraged. Instead, choose to take charge of that which you have been given. Use your talents and gifts to inspire and build up those around you.

For today, do not gossip about your displeasure and critique of others. Instead, choose to be a model of excellence, walking integrity and dignity in everything that you do.

For today, do not give up on your dreams. Instead, choose to march to your own beat and paint your own picture of what love. peace and joy look like in your own life.

For today, do not fear the unknown. Instead, believe and have faith that the perfect will for your life will be made known to you and that you will carry it out to the highest degree.

For today, do not continue in the same pattern of destruction that has defined your life. Instead, choose a new path with a new attitude and a new outlook on the promises of God that were made long ago.

For today, do not worry that you are not good enough, pretty enough, or talented enough. Instead, choose to exemplify the beauty that is you; inside and out.

For today, if you choose to be all that you were called to be. Tomorrow will take care of its self.

©Kimberly L. Seymore                                                                                                                                     March 2016







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