When Dreams Come To Be

It has been your dream to explore the world to no ends without reservation or regret. But still you sit waiting for the right circumstances, the most optimum time to come.

You said you wanted to take a mission trip to be of service to mankind. But funds are low, bills are high and that dream you once had is gone. Now  a distant memory,  tucked away behind your reality.

You made an agreement with yourself to give to a cause. It has always been your passion to come to the aid others to give time, money, and resources to save a life from sorrow. But your time is rarely your own and you can barely manage much less take time out to support s cause.

Together you and your close friends agreed to hold each other accountable for using your gifts to impact the world around you. But you have allowed people and things to get in the way and you have forgotten about your dreams.

Today certainly is full of challenges and tomorrow  may very well never come. But what is in your heart has been placed there and in your spirit lies the strength and courage to not only live life but to move forward in the moments when dreams come to be.



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