Anger destroys the very core of who you are. There is a Word that says you do not do what you want to do and you do what you do not want to do (Romans 7:15). Deep inside, you never had the desire to hurt anyone. But day after day, time after time, your emotions take control, leaving you……imprisoned by the very emotion that you tried to suppress.

You know your triggers and have spent a great amount of time trying to understand why your emotions fail you each time. You have developed a strategy that reminds you to breathe, count, and release. Nevertheless, the sparks begin to fly and the words come without warning causing those around you….pain in their hearts and broken spirits that may never be healed.

Your love is strong but your heart is heavy, consumed with your own past hurt and pain. Regardless of what blessings you now have, escaping such feelings has proven to be impossible. You see those around you as your enemy, fighting to keep you bound by your past. You fail to allow yourself to fully experience hope or love so instead you….. bury any thoughts of hope and replace them with something close to hate.

Such strong negative emotions cannot lift one person up in your life, including you. It is a matter of changing not only how you think but what you think. At some point, you must realize that the real presence of the enemy lies in how you choose to live and not the actions of those around you. Understand that you are responsible for your own happiness. Deep down within there must be healing from your own hurt and pain to keep from further damaging those you love and that love you.

Embracing the wonderful being that you are and understanding the purpose for your life will cause you to choose a different course. For neither you nor I were put here to harm anyone but instead to lift up those around us and harness the power of the greatness placed inside of us. Understanding that power and using it for the good will foster hope and inspire change in your life.


©Kimberly Seymore                                                                                                                               March 2016

Today, You Choose….

For today, do not allow anyone to take away your joy or destroy your peace. Instead, choose to be the ray of light in your own world and a glimmer of hope in that challenging circumstance.

For today, do not allow yourself to be discouraged. Instead, choose to take charge of that which you have been given. Use your talents and gifts to inspire and build up those around you.

For today, do not gossip about your displeasure and critique of others. Instead, choose to be a model of excellence, walking integrity and dignity in everything that you do.

For today, do not give up on your dreams. Instead, choose to march to your own beat and paint your own picture of what love. peace and joy look like in your own life.

For today, do not fear the unknown. Instead, believe and have faith that the perfect will for your life will be made known to you and that you will carry it out to the highest degree.

For today, do not continue in the same pattern of destruction that has defined your life. Instead, choose a new path with a new attitude and a new outlook on the promises of God that were made long ago.

For today, do not worry that you are not good enough, pretty enough, or talented enough. Instead, choose to exemplify the beauty that is you; inside and out.

For today, if you choose to be all that you were called to be. Tomorrow will take care of its self.

©Kimberly L. Seymore                                                                                                                                     March 2016







When Dreams Come To Be

It has been your dream to explore the world to no ends without reservation or regret. But still you sit waiting for the right circumstances, the most optimum time to come.

You said you wanted to take a mission trip to be of service to mankind. But funds are low, bills are high and that dream you once had is gone. Now  a distant memory,  tucked away behind your reality.

You made an agreement with yourself to give to a cause. It has always been your passion to come to the aid others to give time, money, and resources to save a life from sorrow. But your time is rarely your own and you can barely manage much less take time out to support s cause.

Together you and your close friends agreed to hold each other accountable for using your gifts to impact the world around you. But you have allowed people and things to get in the way and you have forgotten about your dreams.

Today certainly is full of challenges and tomorrow  may very well never come. But what is in your heart has been placed there and in your spirit lies the strength and courage to not only live life but to move forward in the moments when dreams come to be.