What better way…

If you could go through it all without carrying the weight all on your shoulders, you would be a superhero of some sort. But as the hours pass and the days go by, it becomes apparent that your super powers may only function in the realm of what you orchestrate in your own life. If you are a hermit or live on your own deserted island, marching to the beat of your own drum, you may have just enough power to move freely about  your days.  But how many of us exist without people, things and circumstances that seek to consume who we are?

What I have found to be refreshing, free, and exhilarating  is to get away.

“Take a vacation. Go as many places as you can. You can always make more money. You can’t always make more memories.”  ~Unknown






You’ve spent most of your life trying to please others. You found out that you can’t please everybody.

You take into consideration the thoughts and feelings of others. You recognized that yours went unnoticed.

You give more than you take and sometimes it’s all you have. You witnessed how much others take from you and how little they give.


What if you spent time following the path of peace and doing the things in life that bring you joy?

What about if you didn’t depend on others to bring you joy but, instead you nurtured your own spirit?

What if you make yourself a priority doing the things in life you love with all of your heart, mind and soul?

You would be free.

The Only One You Are Fighting Against is You.

Have you ever blamed someone for your lack of progress. Could it be possible that you put so much time and energy into trying to change the way people treat you, that you fail to see how you may be blocking your own blessings?

Sometimes we look at are circumstances, where we are, and the people who are in our circle and blame these vary aspects of our lives as the reason we are in such a low place. We point the finger at what he said, how she behaved and the impact those things have our existence. Once we identify these barriers to our fruitful living, we turn our focused attention toward these people and situations. Having found the source of our dissatisfaction with life, we settle into a pattern of being content in unhappiness.

The moment must come for you to begin to realize that it is not people and things that block our paths, it is we, ourselves. Yes, the fight is not against your inner circle or even your situation, it is you. You are the one who decides whether or not to allow nonsense into your life. You are the one who sets the priorities in your life. You are the one who knows who you were created to be and if you are living the life you are supposed to be  Its all you!

But….the problem is that you have failed to realize that just as you can be your own teammate, you can also be the toughest opponent you have ever had. Why…because you, in relationship with God, have the whole world at your disposal, but instead of walking in faith, you abandon the process; instead of walking in your purpose, you become paralyzed; instead of being true to yourself, you compromise.

Yes, you are who you are fighting against. Everyone else is just playing along.